Class Members are eligible for compensation from this Settlement, and should file a Claim using the secure Claims System.  A new registration is required to file a Claim for compensation from this Settlement.  The Administrator has access to the information and documents filed with class counsel prior to settlement.

If you are a Class Member’s insurer with a subrogated claim, please click here to reach the Administrator and receive information about filing a subrogated claim.

The “Class” or “Class Members” is defined as those persons (who did not opt out of this action) who on July 20, 2008:

(i)      rented an apartment, townhouse or other utilizable space at 2 Secord  (a “Unit”); or
(ii)     ordinarily resided in a Unit; or
(iii)    was present in a Unit but was not ordinarily resident in that Unit; or
(iv)    owned or had an interest in property located in a Unit; or
(v)     owned some or all of the Units.

excluding Toronto Hydro-Electric System Ltd. and Gonte Construction Limited, and their officers, directors, servants or agents and also excluding employees of the City of Toronto, who in the course of their employment with the fire department attended at 2 Secord Avenue on July 20, 2008.

The deadline for Class Members and insurers to file a claim is October 3, 2014; no new claims can be filed after this deadline.

The Claims System is used for all claim activities including:

  • Registering a Claim to participate in the Settlement.
  • Communicating with the Administrator with respect to a claim.
  • Editing and certifying a claim.
  • Uploading supporting documents to attach to a claim.
  • Preparing a Fax Cover Sheet to fax documents to attach to a claim.
  • Checking the status of a claim.

For further information about the claims process and the Distribution Plan, click here.


  • Adobe Acrobat is required to view and print documents from the Claim System. To download Adobe Acrobat, click here.
  • If a Class Member does not have access to a computer with Internet connectivity, or has difficulty with the claims process, please contact the Claims Administrator.